Duchess and Irina Reporting from Fairelands, Day 2

Our second Fairelands report is done, read the tale here: http://fantasyfairesl.wordpress.com/2014/05/06/duchess-and-irina-reporting-from-fairelands-day-2/

Photography by Duchess Flux

So, what am I wearing today? I have three items from Fantasy Faire. My tunic and skirt are from 22769, and my boots from Death Row Designs, all found from Hope’s Horizon. I have also some items from the new round of We❤ RP, which started only two days ago. My hair’s from Mina, circlet from Keystone and shield from Stitched Gods, all available at We Love RP.

See what Duchess is wearing @ Threads and Tuneage

Tunic:22769 – [femme] Linnen Tunic (brown) // Fantasy Faire //
Skirt: 22769 – [femme] Battleskirt (brown leather) // Fantasy Faire //
Boots: Death Row Designs – Elf Armor // Fantasy Faire //
Circlet: Keystone – Eni’s Forged Circlet (gold) // We❤ RP //
Brooch: Tia – House of the Fish
Ring: The Forge – House Lannister (gold)
Hair: Mina Hair – Mientje // We❤ RP //
Skin: League
Eyes: Ikon
Elf Ears: Mandala – Pierced Elf Ears Ver1
Hands: Slink
Sword: The White Armory – Sword of Gwendolyn 1H
Shield: Stitched Gods – Gold Aegis // We❤ RP //