Dirgesinger @ Poet’s Heart

“Dirgesingers’ voice melodies not of celebration and joy, but of sorrow and grief. They seek to spread this melancholy outlook far and wide, believing that only those who give in to their sadness can truly understand the world. Dirgesingers hold high positions in death-obsessed cultures. Serving as members of a secret guild or as part of a hierarchy of death priests, they are entrusted with the serious responsibility of composing suitable laments for the dead. The more important the deceased, the more sorrowful and moving her lament is expected to be. No one will remember the dead queen in a few short generations, but a great lament might be sung a thousand years hence. However, most dirgesingers do not belong to any special hierarchy or guild. Instead, they are rootless wanderers who travel from place to place, wrapped in inconsolable grief from some personal tragedy. These sad wanderers seek to express their grief through songs that teach the hearts of their listeners the meaning of true sorrow. Some of these fallen bards want nothing more than for others to understand the depths of their loss. A few are sinister creatures who believe that, since joy has been extinguished for them, they must in turn extinguish the joy of others by using their powers to teach folk the folly of love, the futility of hope, and the finality of the grave. Dirgesingers of this last sort often associate themselves with powerful undead, serving in the courts of vampire lords or lich-kings. All dirgesingers must have at least some expertise as a bard. Some are also trained as rogues or clerics before entering this class.”
– Source: DnD Wiki –

Dirgesinger has arrived at Poet’s Heart. Dirgesinger is a dark attire with gothic influences and it consists of a cloak, gown, formal top, sheer undershirt, gloves, hat and harp. The main colour of the outfit is black, but theres five different lace and hat-band colours to choose from. The cloak and the gown are rigged mesh and can’t be resized, so please try a free demo before purchasing. Tango appliers available.

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