Hero vs Villain

Today I’m gonna ramble about heroes and villains. The history, the fiction, even everyday life knows many of them. However, today I’m going to talk about the hero and the villain who reside within all of us. My villain represents all the fears and doubts. It’s the small voice that tells me you can’t do because you’re not good enough, so you might as well not even try. The hero is the hopes and dreams within me. It counters the villain by saying if you give up without even trying, then and only then you’ve failed for certain.

My hero and my villain battle constantly and they fight about the simpliest of things. The villain tells me do not advertise your blog, no one gives a damn about what you write and what you think. The hero whispers so what? Perhaps there’s someone who likes to read your ramblings and those who don’t, oh well, they can just skip them. The villain tells me no, you can’t go to social gatherings alone. You’re anti-social, you don’t talk to people and other people would just concider you a freak if you attended something. The hero counters by saying well, you do have a few friends, how did you find them if you didn’t socialize? If you went somewhere, even alone, perhaps someone would talk to you and if you’re talked to, you respond, no? Most of the times the villain wins. I sit alone at home and I do not dare, but then there are days when the hero comes out victorious, and I do something that I’ve always dreamed about doing, even with the risk of failing miserably.

I should really try to listen to the hero more, but sometimes it’s so difficult. The villain always knows the best argument and she’s very manipulative and convincing, too. I suppose that’s why she’s a villain and not the hero, because villains don’t play fair. They lure me deeper and deeper into their web of deception and it’s hard to get out without help. Thankfully the hero eventually gets her blade through the webs to break me free, at least for a moment or two.


Now, heroes and villains certainly need a nifty costume and I have items from Junbug, Sax Shepherd Designs and We❤ RP to highlight today. My hero is wearing an cloak from Junbug. I’m wearing it in brown, cause it worked the best with the colours of my outfit, but if you’re not fan of brown, it’s also available in six other colours. Her bracers and belt are from “We❤ RP” event. The bracers are from Rustica and the pack has iron, steel and leather versions of them and also a chainmail shirt included. The belt is from +Mab+ and the pack includes five colours with gold and silver buckle version of each. Female villains are often portrayed as sexy vixens and mine is no exception. She’s wearing jewelry from Sax Shepherd Designs, and the pack includes also ankle cuffs, which are not shown on the picture.

Sax Shepherd Designs
We Love RP

Hero (click to see bigger version)

Villain (click to see bigger version)


Cloak: Junbug – Autumn Cape in Brown w/clasp // NEW //
Underpants – Mimikri – Tights / Holly (brown)
Underpants2: The Muses – Rainha Mail Suit (blood)
Pants: Bare Rose – Viking Lady Brown Pants
Pants2: Elvenbreath – Shelira Hose
Shirt: Apple May – Smallville Sweater
Shirt2: The Muses – Rainha Mail Suit (blood)
Shirt3: Bare Rose – Viking Lady Brown Shirt
Belt: +Mab+ – Medieval Belt (brown/gold) // We❤ RP //
Skirt: Bare Rose – Viking Lady Brown Skirt
Bracers: Rustica – Bitch – Armor Bracers (leather) // We❤ RP //
Shoes: Elvenbreath – Shelira outfit
Gloves: TonkTastic . Gloves Style B (black)
Earrings: Kunglers – Deorum (copper)
Hair: EMO-tions – Hairbase 14 very curly (goldenbrown)
Lipstick: Glam Affair – Cleo Lipstick 03
Eye Make Up: White Widow – Face Tattoo Bat Wings Black/Brown w/eyeshadows
Skin: Glam Affair
Eyes: Ikon
Eyelashes: Lelutka
Swords: The White Armory – Lycan Blood Sword Duels
Pose: Poet’s Heart

Cloak: Bare Rose – Cerberus Fur Coat //modded//
Jewelry: Sax Shepherd Designs – Desclos Celtic // NEW //
Boots: Spyder Productions – Indulge Plain Black Thigh
Panties: Insolence – Lilly Black Tiny String
Hair. EMO-tions – Aquaria (snow)
Nails: Mandala
Eye Make Up: La Malvada Mujer – the beam in the eye #1
Lipstick: Glamorize – Just Because Combo (burgundy lips)
Skin: Glam Affair
Eyes: Amacci
Staff: Talevin’s Designs – Chaos Tentacle Staff
Pose: Poet’s Heart