Poet’s Heart is open

For a long time I’ve dreamed about a small store of my own. Actually, I had a small store back in the day with two not too nice outfits for sale, but then I decided to start modeling and I no longer had time to create anything. During the Miss Virtual World competition, I had also a halloween show for the White Armory, and since it was halloween, we were all sorts of strange creatures. One of my looks was a zombie in a long, medieval gown. Well, you can guess how’s finding poses for that. I was superbusy during that time, so I figured it’d be faster if I learned to use a program for making poses than find seven poses which both technically worked with the gown and also looked zombie-ish, and so my first poses were born.

I’ve continued to make more poses ever since, and I’d like to thank Isoldel, one of my favourite pose and walk creators, for giving me useful tips and helping me to figure out how poses work a bit better. Most of my poses are created for certain looks or outfits, which is the reason why their naming is chaotic at best. Lately I’ve made a few poses also for weapons and staves, because I love to prance around with a sword bigger than me but finding poses which work with that has been rather difficult.

It was natural for me to expand into clothing, since it was what I started with, and I just love clothes. As you all must know by now, I love my fantasy and RP stuff, so I didn’t need to think twice about the genre. I’ve made two outfits so far, which I’m going to present here.

Small Town Lass, my first outfit, is casual RP wear. The outfit is mesh, so try a demo before purchasing, and each pack has an opaque and see-through versions included + a modesty bikini to be worn underneath. It’s available in 5 colours (pictures all all colours at the end of the post). Tango appliers are available in a separate box (huge thanks to Eleya Kenin for making them for me).


Woodland Huntress, my second outfit, is a skimpy fantasy outfit. This outfit, too, is mesh, so try a demo before purchasing. Each pack includes a bikini top, bikini bottom, short fringe skirt and a long skirt + modesty panties, and many alpha layers for mix and matching. It’s available in 5 colours (pictures of all colours at the end of the post). Tango appliers are available in a separate box at the mainstore and soon also at the marketplace.


Now, how to find Poet’s Heart? I have a small, simple store in-world, poses at the top and clothes in the floor below, and this portal here takes you there easily. If you prefer to not to shop IG, I have my clothes available also in the marketplace , but for poses you need to go to the mainstore, I didn’t put them in the marketplace, because most people want to try the pose before buying.

Small Town Lass – All Colours (click for bigger version)


Woodland Huntress – All Colours