Gentlemen prefer elves

It’s midsummer eve and there’s an important celebration in the elven city, which even the cousins, sisters and brothers from far away settlements will attend. She’s full of anticipation, although also a little nervous. It was only a few days ago when she was walking in the woods – further away from home than what her parents would like – when she had met him; a playful, handsome, young, elven man, who had charmed her with a myriad of serenades of her beauty. He was a wild elf, though, which might pose a problem, her moon elven parents would certainly deem him unsuitable to court her, or at least it would take a lot of convincing. Perhaps he would not even come to the celebration, or as charming as he was, likely he had a female companion already. Nevertheless, she decided to make herself as attractive as possible, because one never knows what’ll happen. That included wearing the most sublime and beautiful gown in her wardrobe, the most exquisite and delicate jewelry, and of course a hair-do which would make the other elven ladies green of envy.

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“Aaargggh! Get to the point already, woman!” *sigh* But the tale wasn’t finished yet… Alright, alright. My fabulous gown, Sublime Spirit Birthstone Gown, is from The White Armory and it was already released a while back, but I hadn’t found the perfect accessory to it until now. This gown comes in twelve different versions, one for each month, and I’m wearing December, because I loved the muted green colour in it. My hair is Yeriak, the latest release from EMO-tions and such a gorgeous updo it is, and there’s lil pearls scattered every here and there, too. My jewelry is Shahy from Lazuri, and while it’s not a new release, it’s just stunning nevertheless, and so perfectly delicate for an elven lady. Shahy has many metal and gem colour choises and three different necklaces, so you have myriad of options to wear it. xoxo

Gown: The White Armory – Sublime Spirit Birthstone Gown December
Shoes: G-Field – Flower Pumps Eve (white)
Jewelry: Lazuri – Shahy (pearls and opals)
Hair: EMO-tions – Yeriak (lightblonde) // NEW //
Eye Make up: Mons – Eyeshadow Gemini (grey)
Lipstick – Glam Affair – Cleo lipstick 08
Elf Ears: LOGO – Classic Elf Ears
Pose: Poet’s Heart