Two days to the Fantasy Faire

Today I’ll introduce you to wizard Irina. She’s spent more than half of her life buried in old libraries in study of ancient books and scrolls. She’s managed to create an explosion or two, to burn her robes, to transform her neighbour’s cow into an angry bear and a few other unfortunate mishaps while practising spells in her youth. She’s very intelligent, although quite absent-minded, and she tends to forget her hat in the most peculiar places, like once it was in a dragon’s lair (thankfully the dragon was sleeping or our wizard might be a mere scorched memory now!). She fights against evil and it’s not at all uncommon to see her travelling with a group knights, or aiding common folk to get rid of the whatever menacing beasts which are threatening their settlements.

The wizard

Now, let’s take a look at her equipment. A wizard needs proper robes, of course, and a magic staff and a familiar. How else would people know she’s a wizard? She needs an extensive repertory of spells – both offensive and defensive – because there’s often a nasty surprise lurking behind the corner. She needs comfortable footwear, which is also suitable for running, because sometimes even after using every single spell she has memorized, the vicious monster is still alive and a hasty retreat is in order. Most of all, she needs some company every time to time, else she’ll risk turning into that scary witch of the woods everyone warns their children about.

Wizard’s elven travelling companion

Rambling aside, Fantasy Faire is a great place to equip your wizard, almost everything my exemplary wizard is wearing you can find there! The awesome robes and the gorgeous attire of the elven companion are from FATEwear, and while the robes are a male item, it looks great on a female, too, and very realistic. Both the robes and the elven dress are mesh and available in three colours. The robes also have a non-cloaked version in the pack and the wizard’s hat is included, too. The comfy, beautiful elven boots are from Lassitude & Ennui and they’re available in many colours, and with gold and silver trim options. The staff and the nifty spell HUD come from Talevin’s Designs – I’ve had loads of fun testing different spells already. Lastly, the cutest ever familiar – his name is Legolas – is a meeroo and there will be a meeroo store in Fantasy Faire, so you, too, can have one! Stay tuned for more. xoxo

I have LOTS of pictures in this post, including a close up of the boots and their colour options, a few spells, and of course my cute lil Legolas, so scroll down! xD

Wizard and her familiar

Close up of Legolas, he’s so cute!

Close up of the boots and their colour selection, aren’t they just beautiful!

Spells!!! These just pwn!!





Robe: FATEwear – Ithron (Water) //Fantasy Faire Item//
Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui – Edenion Boots (grey/silver) //Fantasy Faire Item//
Hair: Elikatira – Indulge
Nails: Mandala
Staff: Talevin’s Designs – Staff of Arcane Rites //Fantasy Faire Item//
Familiar: Nocturnals – Magical Meeroo Me and My Geode //Fantasy Faire Item//
Spells: Talevin’s Designs – Talevin’s Magic HUD //Fantasy Faire Item//
Poses: Manifeste & Di’s Opera

Elven Companion
Gown: FATEwear – Rochon (Emerald) //Fantasy Faire Item//
Shoes: Caverna Obscura – Djinnie Harem Slipper
Jewelry: Lazuri – Classic Pearls Necklace
Hair: LeLutka – Lillian
Nails: Mandala
Pose: Manifeste