Amaranth @ Totally Top Shelf

Poet’s Heart – Amaranth Includes: – rigged mesh gown 5 sizes – rigged mesh top 5 sizes – unrigged mesh top – HUD to change flower & leaf textures – alpha layer –… Continue reading

Irina reporting from Fantasy Faire!

Fairelands calling, Fairelands calling! My name is Irina and I work for the prestigious Fairytale Gazette newspaper. My boss has sent me again in Fantasy Faire to write a reportage, although he made… Continue reading

Poet’s Heart @ Fantasy Faire!!

Yayayayyyyyyy!! It’s Fantasy Faire time again!!! Here are my store’s contributions for this year, and I’m also an official blogger, so there will be rabmlings in the following days, too!!😀     Poet’s… Continue reading

She dreamed the night away

I’ve had some serious time-management issues lately. I mean so serious that I barely have time to shop, and for a woman, that’s a nightmare-sized bad, right? I can’t even recall the last… Continue reading

Silvermoon Wings @ the Secret Affair

Includes: – pearls HUD original mesh NOT animated mod/copy/no transfer   Available 15th of March, noon, @ the Secret Affair     Silvermoon Wings – All Colours

Flor @ Totally Top Shelf

Poet’s Heart – Flor Includes: – rigged mesh corset dress 5 sizes – rigged mesh sleeves 5 sizes – HUD to change dress, sleeves and ribbons textures (10 options for each) – various… Continue reading

The nights when he’s late

Clothing & Accessory Outfit: Sweet Thing – Sugar Unicorn PJs @ Kustom 9 Slippers: Lost Junction – [LJ] Comfy Slippers – Bunbun Plushie: Lost Junction – [LJ] Mascot Plush – Pomona Body Body:… Continue reading

Elfies like Cupcakes

Today I’m in a LotR mood, and the reason why, you can see when you look at my pictures. DRD has released this omg-awesome elven treehouse at the Secret Affair, which is just… Continue reading

Winter Poem @ the Secret Affair

Poet’s Heart – Winter Poem Includes: – rigged mesh gown 5 sizes – rigged mesh overskirt 5 sizes – HUD to change waist and overskirt textures – various alpha layers – full perm… Continue reading

It’s been a looooooooong time

It’s been six months since my blog went more or less inactive, save for items from my own store every now and then. After moving back to my country of origin, my computer… Continue reading

Alexia @ Punky Bish Event

Poet’s Heart – Alexia Includes: – rigged mesh corsetskirt 5 sizes – rigged mesh bolero 5 sizes – texture change HUD (one colour and black) – various alpha layers – full perm alpha… Continue reading

Valkyrja @ the Secret Affair

Poet’s Heart – Valkyrja Includes: – rigged mesh skirt 5 sizes – rigged mesh corset 5 sizes – unrigged headpiece – HUD to change skirt, feather and deco colours – alpha layers –… Continue reading